Netco Extruded Plastics, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, supplies many products to the construction market including tubing and beaded piping, packaging strips for facilitating the automated delivery of tapped hole inserts, gasketing and sealing extrusions for windows and doors, and more. Our ability to deliver continuous extrusions and profiles or individually fabricated parts and assemblies helps us to best meet the needs of our construction customers.

Netco provides a wide range of rigid and flexible tubing for a variety of construction applications. PVC and polyethylene tubing is used for water and air flow piping, while our high visibility orange PVC tubes are used for heavy equipment safety markers. These tubes range from .025” to 3” in diameter, depending on wall thickness. We extrude thermoplastic staple insulation carrier profiles, which allow for easy loading and ejection of staples and fasteners. For general gasketing and sealing requirements, we can easily extrude rigid or flexible materials in clear, white, black and custom colors for applications in windows and doors among others.

With years of experience and knowledge in the plastic extrusion industry and 8 production extruders, Netco Extruded Plastics is well equipped to manufacture the low volumes needed for custom applications or the high volumes needed for more commodity construction applications. From simple shapes to complex profiles in a variety of plastic materials, we are committed to providing products of superior quality, delivered on-time, with world class customer service. Whatever your need, you can be confident that Netco extrudes quality.

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