Netco Extruded Plastics, an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, providing the telecommunications market with a variety of extrusions, profiles and custom parts including PVC cable protective wrap and spiral tubing, multi-lumen polyethylene cable protector guides, polyethylene insulators and more. Our capabilities allow us to deliver quality extrusions using a variety of thermoplastic materials. We can provide bulk rolls, individual pieces, or post-processed assemblies. For our complete "in-stock" telecom catalog, please view the PDF on the bottom right.

Typical products we provide include cable and wire guards where a split or helically slit polyethylene tubing is used to protect the sheath from abrasion due to animal or tree contact. These products are supplied clear or in colors, including orange to meet the requirements of the fiber optics industry. Netco also offers designation strips and filler panels, used to identify the circuits terminated on most 66 type connecting blocks. Binding post insulators and terminal punching insulators, which consist of slotted rigid PVC tubes are available to protect and restore insulation to terminal clips. We also provide many brush guards, wire caps and protective tapes to help maintain dielectric integrity.

As a recognized supplier to many of the top global telecommunications companies, Netco Extruded Plastics has demonstrated years of success developing products that meet the needs of the telecommunications industry, from simple shapes to complex profiles in a variety of plastic materials. We are committed to providing products of superior quality, delivered on-time, with world class customer service. Whatever your need, you can be confident that Netco extrudes quality.

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Rigid PVC Designation Strips


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